From the Greatest of All Time to the animal, the word "goat" has a multitude of meanings. Throughout the years, this word has also gone through a cultural revolution. Before the release of LL Cool J's Greatest of All Time, most people associated the word goat with the animal. But in recent years the word goat is associated with the all-time best athletes, musicians, actors, and even presidents! While the history of the word goat is common knowledge for most people in today's society, few people know that the word goat is also tied to the history of the Ford Bronco.  

The Birth of the Bronco

To understand the Ford Bronco's connection to the word "goat" we have to go back to the very beginning of the creation of the Ford Bronco. The year is 1963 and the automotive industry is thriving in this post World War II boom - especially Ford Motor Company. They've just built this amazing new skyrise office building in Detroit, their luxury brand Lincoln was producing all presidential limos, they're looking for their next big hit. Little did anybody know that Ford's next big idea would come from World War II veterans and would help spark the sport utility vehicle revolution.

During World War II Ford Motor Company stepped up in a big way by building nothing but military grade vehicles to help ensure that our troops overseas had the equipment they needed to win the war. The two vehicles that Ford produced were the Willys Jeep and the Ford Mutt. After the war ended, Ford went back to producing their regular vehicle lineup, but these veterans were nostalgic for the all-terrain vehicles they drove in the war. Unfortunately, there weren't very many options for people interested in an all-terrain vehicle in the 60's. In fact, the only options that people had for all terrain vehicles were the Willys Jeep or the International Harvester Scout and these vehicles were only off-road vehicles. They weren't on-road vehicles and they didn't have any of the comforts that other on-road vehicles had. Ford saw that there was a market for all-terrain utility vehicles that could also be driven in daily life and jumped at the opportunity to provide these veterans with the perfect on and off-road vehicle.

The Willys Jeep
The Ford Mutt

So, with this idea in mind, the Ford product design team got started on designing this new vehicle that would ultimately become the Ford Bronco. The head of this design team was a man named McKinley Thompson Jr., who happened to be Ford's first African American automotive designer. Thompson's instructions were clear, to make a vehicle that can go over all terrain but can also be driven through downtown. Since they wanted this vehicle to be able to go over all terrain, the original name for the Ford Bronco was the GOAT. And because the year was 1963 and not 2020, the term GOAT wasn't a part of pop culture and Ford didn't think people would buy a car called the GOAT. Instead they brainstormed for new ideas and came up with a few interesting names including the Bravo, the Rustler, the Trailblazer and even the Caballero before settling on the Bronco. The name GOAT simply couldn't compare to these rough and tough names.

2021 Ford Bronco - The Greatest of All Time

While the name GOAT didn't stick, the word GOAT can still be used to describe the Ford Bronco throughout the years. The vehicle that started as a car designed to match World War II military vehicles has transformed into the ultimate off-road vehicle. In fact, the 2021 Ford Bronco has best in class ground clearance and the ability to handle sharp drops, steep inclines, and any rugged off-road conditions. It also has up to eight different drive modes including sand, slippery, sport, eco, normal, mud/ruts, rock crawl and Baja. If best in class ground clearance and up to eight different drive modes weren't enough, the 2021 Ford Bronco also comes equipped with trail control, trail turn assist, trail 1-pedal drive and the optional FordPass Performance App with off-road navigation!

Trail Control
Trail Turn Assist
Trail 1-Pedal Drive
FordPass Performance App with Off-Road Navigation

Trail control is a cruise control system that helps you navigate more easily over rough environments. It does all the hard work of managing throttle and braking at individual wheels while maintaining a constant speed so you can focus all your attention on steering.
Trail turn assist reduces the turning radius in low speed off-roading environments by applying the brakes to the inside rear wheel of the Bronco when it's turning.
Trail 1-Pedal Drive allows low speed crawling which lets you bring the Bronco to a full stop without using the brake pedal at all!
With this app access you can choose from a list of class-exclusive electronic trial content from professional trail guide providers like Trails Off-Road and FunTreks.

Ford truly outdid themselves with the 2021 Ford Bronco. It's capable of driving through deserts, mountains, snow and ice, rivers, forests and more! Click here to learn more about the 2021 Ford Bronco.