Keyless Technology in the Ford Explorer

Ford has gone above and beyond with technology in the Explorer. This popular three-row SUV has an intelligent access system. It gets rid of traditional keys and uses wireless technology to provide access. We here at Sheehy Ford of Gaithersburg are very excited to show you how it works.

The intelligent key system uses a wireless FOB. When you approach the vehicle, it communicates with the FOB. Even if you leave it in your pocket or bag, the SUV can authenticate the key. All you have to do is pull on the driver's side door handle to unlock the door and get in.

This technology also works for the liftgate. The Explorer is available with a hands-free liftgate. There's a small sensor on the rear bumper. To gain access, simply hover your foot below it with the key FOB in your pocket. The liftgate will unlock and open up to provide cargo access.



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