Choosing Your Next Car Battery

If you're noticing a drop in your battery's performance, you may need to replace it. Shopping for a battery might leave you feeling overwhelmed with the variety of choices, but it really just comes down to considering your car and your lifestyle.

If you're supporting a large sound system with your battery, you'll want to opt for a more powerful kind. If your climate is hot at least part of the year, you'll also want a battery with longevity, as high temperatures can prematurely age a battery. If your car is older, it won't matter that you pick a battery with a shorter lifespan and warranty, but if your car is newer, investing in a more expensive battery will make more sense for you.

We'll take care of all of your battery needs at Sheehy Ford of Gaithersburg in Gaithersburg, MD, from helping you select the right model for your car to installing it for you quickly.

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