How to Handle Various Situations During a Roadside Emergency

Being stuck in a roadside emergency is serious business, and the sooner you are safe, the better. Keep these tips from the Ford service experts at Sheehy Ford of Gaithersburg in mind the next time your vehicle is disabled.

Never keep a disabled car on the road with a flat tire, simply drive it to that shoulder on the rim for a few feet, it will not cause serious damage and it will protect you and other drivers. Use safety flares or triangles several feet up the road to warn drivers the car is stuck on the side of the highway.

Call the police and wait for them to arrive. If a stranger pulls up and offers to help, stay in your locked car and communicate with them through a cracked window that help is already on the way but they could call again for you.

Our crew hopes this information keeps you and your family safe on the highway this year.

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